G L A S G O W - Scotland

26th May 

Ummm.... lets face it....what says "We are in Scotland!!" more than a piper greeting us.

After our incredible day in Belfast yesterday we made the decision to find ourselves a taxi driver again and get out into the country. Today's driver was John and he was brilliant. We mapped out the sites we wanted to see...and left the rest to him...and it couldn't have been better.

Our first brief stop was just out of Glasgow at Dumbarton Castle.... just a quick photo opp and then back in the car and onwards.

It was such a scenic drive through to  beautiful Luss...a little spot on the shores of Loch Lommand. It was impossible not to imagine living here.... although the cold might change my mind come winter.

 Just having a chuckle to myself here... photography rule #101 ... wait until tourist gets out of the frame! I captured a lovely sneaky photo moment of one poor unsuspecting tourist..haha

From Luss it was on to Stirling Castle...

Stirling Castle is one of Scotlands largest castles...constructed between 1490 and 1600 and has been besieged 16 times during its long and bloody history.
We really enjoyed or visit here... with entrance to the castle and incredible scenic views from the wall.

The interior was opulent and fit for a castle...although in my opinion it kind of lacked 'warm and cosy'

On the outer wall is a series of 'Stirling Sculptures' telling the story of James V's greatness....  although the one I captured here does look a little ghoulish.

We could see the famous 'Wallace Monument' in the distance....I sort of felt all 'Outlander'ish...

It was then farewell to Stirling....and into Glasgow....because we couldn't visit this part of Scotland and not set foot in Glasgow.

Glasgow Cathedral was on our list for a stop....and we were not disappointed.

 Then with our last final glimpse of this beautiful region we were back to the ship...exhausted and happy to have spent such an amazing day in Scotland.



  1. We were in Luss a couple of weeks ago. It really is beautiful..and your photos do it a lot more justice than mine do!

    1. It must be fun watching my bumbling posts of these areas so familiar to you... you live in the most beautiful part of the world.


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