B E L F A S T - Ireland

What an AMAZING day this turned out to be.

I still cant believe how we fitted everything in....but we did and I am so grateful.

From past experience we learnt not to procrastinate too long.... so we grabbed a taxi and headed out into the country. Out Taxi driver had such a broad accent we had quite a bit of trouble understanding him at times.. as he did us.. I'm sure.

Let me say this about Ireland.... you never tire of the view.... green paddocks for miles... hedges...white houses...sheep and rolling hills.

We followed the beautifully scenic coast road around to the Carrick-A -Rede rope bridge ... the bridge was first erected in 1755 by salmon fisherman.

 I cant begin to describe the view... beautiful green rolling hills turn into rugged cliffs and then meet the ocean.. plus a rope bridge... sigh.

We were blessed with the most beautiful weather....it was cool but pleasant and the long cliff top walk to and from the rope bridge soon warmed us up.

From the rope bridge it was a short drive to the incredible 'Giants Causeway' a world heritage site with the most spectacular volcanic rock formations... it seems impossible to imagine they weren't made by hand.

After climbing the rocks... taking in the view... and learning a little about this part of the coast we were back in our taxi and heading toward Belfast for a visit to the Titanic Belfast.

The Titanic Belfast was an amazing 6 levels of the Titanic story... from the building of the ship....the interiors of the cabins.... the story of the passengers and a moving story of the sinking.
Its incredibly well done and if our schedule wasn't so tight I know we could have spent many hours there... the highlight of the visit for me was the  glass floor section which shows the wreck exactly as it lies on the floor of the ocean today. It was so life sized and graphic.... so real.

Then if my day couldn't have been more special.... we caught a taxi into the City Hall for me to meet a long time Blogger / Scrapbooking friend Sian Fair (From High In The Sky). From the early beginnings of our trip Sian and I had kept in contact with the hopes of a catch-up. Its always difficult on a cruise as time in a port is limited and I held my fingers crossed for months hoping it would work out. I felt so thrilled when we made a time and place....and so grateful that Sian could make the time to meet me.... little old Mardi from down under.

We were waiting outside the city hall a little early...scanning the crowds waiting for Sian to appear...my heart skipped the moment she approached...it was surreal and Sian was just as I imagined... the sweetest  little package with the most musical Irish voice. (such a contrast to my booming ockerish aussie voice...oh well..we are what we are)

Our time was short and we left with so many more things to talk about.... but I am so grateful it worked out...and it was a very special highlight of my holiday. How lucky am I.



  1. I'm the lucky one! There were so many things you could have been doing, but you chose to meet up with me :)

  2. I'm glad your schedule worked out to meet your friend Sian....it is such a special time!! I have met 4 of my pen pals during my Europe travels and it was a lasting memory and so so special!! Love reading your travel story....Ireland sounds just so beautiful, so much to explore!! xx

    1. Its so special isn't it Sue. Meeting 4 friends is amazing... incredibly special. Ireland was beautiful.... writing these recaps has been a lovely trip down memory lane...its only been a short time...but its amazing how many little details I have forgotten until I look back at photos and my journal.


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