G D A N S K - Poland

The ship docked in Gdynia this morning.... so we enlisted Peter the Taxi driver to give us a tour for the day. He had limited English...but we managed to battle through most conversations somehow.

We were at the mercy of Peter...and he stopped at sights along the way.
First stop... Oliwa Cathedral - originally a monastery started in 1186... the cathedral was completed in 1594 and is home to the worlds largest pipe organ with over 7800 pipes.

Peter took us into Old Town Gdansk which much of was destroyed in WW2 but then rebuilt. It was beautiful with its cobbled streets and colourful buildings.

We climbed the 405 steep spiral steps to the top the bell tower of St Marys church for an amazing view of Gdansk. This church is one of the largest brick churches in the world with a capacity of 25000 people.

We stopped at a beautiful tourist beach on the way home to the ship....and I think we were all a little sad this night...it was our last Baltic Port and our cruise was almost over.



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