H E L S I N K I - Finland

What a total contrast to our last few days spent in Russia.
We ambled... no rush to the tram station and caught it into the market square.
It was a beautiful warm day and we walked taking in the sights of the shops...parks and cafes.
There was such a beautiful feel to the day.

The markets on the waterfront were delightful.... the food was delicious...lots of reindeer and fish.
The souvenirs were also some of the nicest we had seen... reindeer hides.. antlers.. flowers.. it was such a pleasure to just stroll and look at them all.

We took the tram to the 'Rock Church' a Lutheran church built into solid rock in 1969. It was quite a contrast to the churches we had been seeing throughout Russia,

We headed back to the markets for lunch....
The boys had Reindeer hotdogs...and Donna and I had Salmon sliced off a huge fish cooking on a grill plate....it was absolutely delicious.

We stopped for a look inside the Helsinki Cathedral ....

..and then wandered back to the ship along the coastline.
It was the perfect day to relax...unwind and walk at leisure in the sunshine.



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