Europe 2014 - Lucerne - Switzerland

Lucerne Switzerland
What an AWESOME day!
Our Motel provided a complimentary breakfast which was delicious…so we were up early… fed and raring to go.

We caught the water Ferry from Lucerne to the base of Mount Pilatus – it was a 90 min insanely scenic.. most postcard worthy trip I've ever done. I swear I wouldn't have been surprised to see Heidi skipping down the mountain.

We lunched at the base of Mt Pilatus and then caught “the worlds steepest Cog Wheel railway” up to the top 2070mts.

The cogwheel first opened in 1889 but I’m guessing its had many upgrades since then.
We spent a few hours at the top… it was the clearest day imaginable so we could see for miles and miles. 

We walked to a couple of the lookouts for even greater views.  We all commented on the amount of people wandering the mountain…it seems like it may be a favorite pastime of the Swiss.

This evening Donna..Ian and I had the dining experience of a lifetime. 
We dined at “The Old Swiss House
We weren't prepared for  just how 'swishy' it was... nor were we prepared for the way our meal was cooked.
This restaurant is famous in Lucerne... built in 1858 and turned into a restaurant in 1931... and now passed down to generation after generation of the same family.
It is apparently stocked with 40000 or so bottles of rare vintage wines and has a gallery wall of photos of famous diners from all over the world... I don't think we made the wall.

So Ian and I ordered their famous schnitzels (and Donna ordered a beautiful pasta dish) .. next thing we know they have brought the frypan and crumbing to the table....and they cooked it right there in front of us.
It was delicious!! ...and yes... it was cooked in almost 500g of butter....eeeeek.

 I think we rolled into bed that night.

The following morning we took in the last of the sights before heading to the train stop for Zurich.

Took a walk across the Chapel Bridge with all of its paintings some dating back the 17th century.

 The Lion Monument ..commemorating the massacre of Swiss soldiers during the French Revolution in 1792.

 What a beautiful place....
Love love love loved it... hope to come back again one day.



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