Its been kind of quiet around here....
you may have popped in and seen nothing but cobwebs..
and the odd cricket chirping.

That was because Ian and I were on the most amazing holiday with out dearest QLD friends...
We were away just over three weeks...
and had THE most amazing time.

I swear I may have been Asian in another life time...
I loved it...well of course we all did...
The people....the smells....the food...the history and the adventures we had.

I took one or two photos on out here is a snapshot....

Bangkok- Thailand

Highlights included:
Floating Markets
Bridge over the River Kwai
The Grand Palace
The Tiger Temple
Various other Temples.


Highlights -
Changhi Prison museum
Raffles Hotel and our $122 Singapore Slings (that was for 4)
China town
Marina Bay Sands Hotel skypark

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) - Vietnam
Highlights - the lacquer factory..

Nha Trang - Vietnam
Highlight - Pedicab ride...
and I have to say....we were amazed at what could be fitted on a scooter... check out the fridge!

Hong Kong

Highlights -
The Peak Tram
The Big Bus tour of the city
Stanley Markets
Sampan tour
The amazing city and harbour at night.

Shanghai - China
Highlights -
The Super speedy Maglev train at 300km/hr
The worlds tallest observation deck at 474 metres
The beautiful gardens and streets...
The architecture...Shanghai is a beautiful city.

Nagasaki - Japan

Highlights -
The Atomic Bomb Museum
Ground Zero - where the bomb exploded
The Nagasaki ropeway (a cable car) that gave us a spectacular view of the city.
Beautiful peaceful Nagasaki and its lovely helpful and friendly locals.

Busan - South Korea

Highlight:in Busan was definitely the fish market...
Such a bright and colourful stopover... 

Beijing - China
Highlights -
The Great wall
The Forbidden City
Tiananmen Square
The Summer Palace
The Temple of Heaven
The Ming Tombs
The Night food markets and their very interesting menu
The Silk Markets
The Jade Factory
The Hutong Tour
Acrobatic Show
The Freshwater Pearl Gallery
The Birds Nest - Site of the Beijing Olympic games

So now we are home again....and back to work....dreaming of where to visit next.
I felt so touched in some way by our trip to Asia...
The people were beautiful...the history was amazing....

I came home feeling as though I had too much stuff...
We consume too much...
We surround ourselves with too much....
Does it make us happier?
I doubt it.



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