We had such an amazing time.... that its been almost impossible to put it into words.
I want to record it all... but its BIG...and to be honest I have had no idea where to begin.

So... I'm just going to start noting it down.... here we go.

The Details

Our trip left on the 15th May 2016 and arrived home again on the 20th June 2016.
We traveled with our good mates Ron and Donna as we have for many of our adventures before.

Our travels included 6 flights... 2 cruises.... 14 countries... 21 cities...all jammed into 5 weeks.

The itinerary looked like this...
Adelaide -
Brisbane -
Tokyo (Japan)  -
Southampton (England)  -
Guernsey (Channel Islands)  -
Cobh /Cork (Ireland) -
Dublin (Ireland) -
Liverpool (England) -
Belfast (Ireland) -
Glasgow (Scotland)  -
Invergordon (Scotland) -
Edinburgh (Scotland) -
Le Havre  (France) -
Amsterdam (Holland / Netherlands) -
Southampton (England) -
Brussels (Belgium)  -
Copenhagen (Denmark) -
Stockholm (Sweden) -
Tallinn (Estonia) -
St Petersburg (Russia) -
Helsinki (Finland) -
Gdansk (Poland) -
Southampton (Windsor Castle visit) -
Sydney -
Adelaide -

We flew Qantas in Australia ... British Airways internationally and our little hop to Amsterdam and back was on Flybe.

We cruised on both the Emerald and Caribbean Princess ships. 

So now with bones laid out.... I can start the details of each exciting and amazing destination stop.



  1. Oh gosh....what an itinerary, a busy time, many beautiful places and many many wonderful memories!! It is daunting, I am just starting to grab for favourite photos from our trip 2 years ago to scrapbook. Oh i'd love to visit Brussels, Denmark, Sweden and London (again) too.... Travel....& Repeat!! Yes!!

  2. Its so huge to record isn't it Sue. I think Ill try and blog all the details...and just scrap some stories but not the entire trip. Ill be keeping an eye out at yours for inspiration.
    Mardi x

  3. We are such lucky ducks getting to see all these amazing places and to share it with best mates is incredible x

  4. Your patches are SO cute!! I'm really going to enjoy reading all about your adventures as you load up each post, Mardi. I will get your patches in the mail this week too xx


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