A M S T E R D A M - DAY 1

1st June 2016

Today another chapter of our trip began.... we were up bright and early and saying goodbye to the Princess Caribbean... and catching a taxi to the Southampton Airport.

We caught a flight with Flybe to Amsterdam.

Then a rouge taxi driver from Amsterdam airport into our amazing...awesome...incredible Motel ..
I need to shout out again how much we loved the NH City Centre Motel. It was in the perfect location with the most amazing views from our room.

It was afternoon by the time we arrived and caught our breath ...  we walked.... breathed in the sights... had a leisurely lunch...and took a canal boat ride.

I think I knew right from the first moment that I LOVED Amsterdam....
It had an awesome vibe... it was alive...a little chaotic with the bikes..trams...and pedestrians all moving in some kind of sequence I never really worked out...

I loved the cobble streets... the canals... the cafes....the bikes....the beautiful skinny little homes with their leaning fronts and furniture hooks...the long boats...cathedrals... and their free and easy attitude,
I also loved that there seemed a sense of respect ... if you have visited...I hope you know what I mean.

Did I mention bikes??

....and I don't think I mentioned tulips?



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