E D I N B U R G H - Scotland

29th May..

It was a cold morning as we caught the shuttle from the port into beautiful Edinburgh.
We set out on a lovely walk from the shuttle stop to the Royal Mile.
Edinburgh has more than its share of beautiful buildings... and monuments.... The Scott Monument is an impressive 200+ feet high.

Once again I was mesmerised by the pipers as we passed..... Dad...I wish you still played.

Our first stop was The Edinburgh Dungeons....  we had pre-booked tickets here for a taste of something totally different.... a bit of theatre and suspense. It was a very interactive type of show with some unexpected frights and a giant drop at the end.
It was loosely educational.... but more about the drama and scare factor.

We were always shadowed by the grand scale of  Edinburgh castle  sitting up on the hill overlooking the city.

 We wandered the Royal Mile.... stopping here and there for souvenirs...and to visit some of the woolen /tartan stores.... there is such a lot of history about the clans...tartans... and traditions that we found so interesting.

We may have visited the odd church or maybe two...

After our morning on foot...we pushed our way into a noisy and crowded pub at lunchtime ... and luckily found a table near the back....Donna put on her brave pants and ordered the haggis. We all had a taste and although it wasn't unpleasant...I was happy to leave it to her.

Thanks Scotland for having us.... I really hope I can visit again one day. (although Ill probably skip the haggis)



  1. I haven't yet been able to persuade anyone to visit the Dungeon with me! There is also a ghost tour on a double decker bus which I'd like to do.

    1. Ooohhh I do like the sound of the bus ghost tour. There is also another tour that is perhaps a little less theatre and a little more actual....I thought that would have been good too.I hope you get someone to join you one day.
      M x


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